Just tea!
British tea, also known as British breakfast tea, English breakfast tea or English morning tea, is a classic British matching black tea, generally made from Indian Assam, Sri Lanka and Kenya tea mixed, is one of the representative tea in the United Kingdom. The taste is mellow, full of aromas, and has a light floral aroma, usually used to match an English breakfast, as well as grilled and strong-tasting food.

Tea History in The Uk and Ireland

Tea was first brought to Britain by the East India Company in the early 17th century. It's an expensive product, for the rich, and often locked under the key. Catherine of Braganza, the wife of Charles II, introduced the royal court to the habit of drinking tea and the habits adopted by the nobles. Thomas Twining opened the first women's teahouse in 1717, and slowly, throughout England, teahouses began to appear, and everyone could drink tea. During the Time of the British Empire in India, the British developed their love of tea.

First is milk or first tea?

It must be milk first, then poured into hot tea.
The debate continues over whether to put milk in a cup before or after pouring it. Initially, milk is always added before tea to prevent hot tea from cracking delicate ceramic cups. Tea experts agree with the tradition, but also point out that pouring milk changes the taste of the tea and pours it into hot tea.

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