Twinings sells a variety of tea products from different regions and tastes, including Lapsang Souchong, Lady Grey and Darjeeling, as well as some mixed tea products, coffee and chocolate beverage products, etc.


Classic series:

The taste is like the amazing taste of the first taste 300 years ago... The most classic Twinings, the most commendable flavor among tea fans, the most meaningful memory is lingered by the fragrance of tea, the sweetest imagination is flavored by flowers and fruits, and caffeine-free flowers Fruit tea is pleasing to the body and mind. With this clear and bright tea soup, the charm of tea drinking culture can be fully expressed.

Classic Black Tea Series:

Royal Earl Grey, English Breakfast Tea, European Darjeeling Tea, Premium Ceylon Tea, Royal Earl Grey Decaffeinated Tea.

Flavored Black Tea:

Comprehensive wild berry tea, lemon tea, midsummer fruit tea, exotic fragrance tea, orange cinnamon tea, sweet peach tea, four red fruit tea.

Decaffeinated Flower Fruit Tea:

Strawberry mango tea, chrysanthemum mint tea, vanilla chrysanthemum honey tea, tropical style tea, refreshing mint tea.

Green tea:

Jasmine green tea.

Twinings own Nambarrie, a Belfast-based tea company that has been trading for over 140 years. In April 2008, Twinings announced its decision to close the Nambarrie plant. Twinings said it needed to consolidate its UK manufacturing operations in the face of increasing global competition and moved some production to China and Poland at the end of 2011; however, the vast majority of tea consumed in the UK is still at its factory in Andover, Hampshire Production.

The company launched a TV commercial in late 2011 featuring an animation of a woman struggling to row a boat in a storm, with the background song "Wherever You Go" by Londoner Charlene Soraia. The song peaked at number three on the UK Singles Chart. Downings said the ad was meant to metaphorically explain "the busy lives of today's women and how taking just 10 minutes a day to reconnect with yourself can have such a big impact on the rest of your day.

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